Monday, October 18, 2010

Favorite Fall Knits!

So where I live, we are now deep into the fall season, which is my favorite season. Why, you may ask? Well, I love wearing sweaters and scarves and you can't really do that in the summer. Also, in Newfoundland our Winters are a mess, with more slush than snow and spring doesn't really exist in the same way it does across the country, with beautiful blooming flowers and the smell of fresh air. In the spring here, we end up with mud and everything that was buried by the snow is now half rotten and needs to be cleaned up. Overall, Newfoundland is best in the fall. The trees are orange and the air has this crispyness to it that makes every breath feel like a cold glass of water.

So, for the fall I love using the browns and oranges that identify the season.

This cowl was a pattern I found in the Knit Simple Fall 2009 Magazine. Though originally knit in a chunky wool, I used Sean Sheep yarn from walmart and came out with a lighter version of it.

Unfortunately, because this is published in a magazine, it's not public domain. HOWEVER! There are some beautiful patterns for cowls and scarves on, which is a free site for knitters and crocheters and it's loaded with amazing patterns, many of which are free!

Also, it's starting to get cold enough that you want something to keep your hands warm, but full-on mittens aren't exactly acceptable. So I personally love fingerless mittens for the fall!

This pattern is available for free at"

The title is "Susie's Reading Mitts"

Lastly, while you enjoy your fall knitting, I am going to start you off on your fall knitting soundtrack. This is the third movement from one of my favorite symphonies. It's from Dvorak Symphony no.8 and whenever I listen to this movement, all I can hear is the movement of wind between the trees and the leaves dancing in it. This man was a genius and his music is beautiful for performers and audiences alike.

Enjoy making some cozy fall knits!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Welcome to Dolce Knitting!

First off, lets explain the title. Dolce is a musical term meaning "gently" and "sweetly". As I am not only a knitter but a classical music student and enthusiast, I thought it was appropriate. Though I had to fight the urge to name this "Virtuoso Knitting", as it may have seemed a little self-assured!

What should you expect to see here?
Patterns and techniques I've found
Finished projects
Rants about current projects (expect these to be plentiful)
YouTube videos of my favorite pieces
Things that make me laugh a lot
Baking adventures
and of course, enthusiasm about Christmas :)

After spending months trying to figure out a name for my knitted goods as well as building up some creations to be sold, I'm very pleased to finally have something dedicated to my personal updates of my crafts!