Saturday, October 16, 2010

Welcome to Dolce Knitting!

First off, lets explain the title. Dolce is a musical term meaning "gently" and "sweetly". As I am not only a knitter but a classical music student and enthusiast, I thought it was appropriate. Though I had to fight the urge to name this "Virtuoso Knitting", as it may have seemed a little self-assured!

What should you expect to see here?
Patterns and techniques I've found
Finished projects
Rants about current projects (expect these to be plentiful)
YouTube videos of my favorite pieces
Things that make me laugh a lot
Baking adventures
and of course, enthusiasm about Christmas :)

After spending months trying to figure out a name for my knitted goods as well as building up some creations to be sold, I'm very pleased to finally have something dedicated to my personal updates of my crafts!


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