Monday, December 6, 2010

Piano Hands

So recently I devised a pattern from Anne Neumann's beautiful Fingerless Gloves "Musica", as seen on Ravelry.

The goal was to create a full mitten out of it and take away the busyness of the pattern to make it look a little more simple. They ended up being so cozy that I've decided to share the pattern that I worked with.

Since I already gave the mittens to my friend, I don't have them to work with so I'm doing this mostly from memory. That said if there is something that doesn't make sense PLEASE contact me by posting here or on my Ravelry so I can fix it up!

1 skein each (black and white) of Bernat Satins - I used acrylic so they could be washed easily.
DPN 3mm (US 2.5)

Using black yarn, cast on 48 stitches. Work in [K1,P1] ribbing for 12 rounds.

Next Rnd: Knit 6 *make 1, knit 12. Repeat from * twice, m1, K6.

Work Bass Clef Chart (Left): See below for chart
Rnds 1-21 of Chart: Work left to right and repeat so the eight note pattern appears all around the wrist of the mitten. Start Thumb increases at rnd 6
Rnd 6: K26, place marker, m1, place marker, K26
Rnd 7: K26, sm, k all stitches in between, sm, k26 (same for all odd number rnds)
Rnd 8: K26, sm, m1, k1, m1, sm, K26
Rnd 10: K26, sm, m1, k3, m1, K26
Rnd 12: K26, sm, m1, K5, m1, sm, K26
Rnd 14: K26, sm, m1, K7, m1, sm, K26Rnd 16: K26, sm, m1, K9, m1, sm, K26
Rnd 18: K26, sm, m1, K11, m1, sm, K26
Rnd 20: K26, sm, m1, K13, m1, sm, K26
Rnd 21: K26, sm, knit all in between, sm, K26Rnd 22: K26, slip all stitches onto scrap yarn or a stitch holder, K26

Rnds 22-23: knit with white only
Rnds 23-finish: for the first 26 stitches, work in a checkerboard pattern, alternating between black and white stitches. Then start the face of the chart. (Note: Because I used a lining, I didn't have to worry about the yarn that was being carried over. However, it may be a good idea to find a way to get rid of the "stringies")
Work the chart until the top measures 2cm from the top of the hand. Start decreases
rnd 1: K1, k2tog, K20, k2tog, k2, k2tog, k20, k2tog, K1
rnd 2: knit (same for all even decrease rounds)
rnd 3: K1, k2tog, k18, k2tog, k2, k2tog, k18, k2tog, k1rnd 5: K1, k2tog, k18, k2tog, k2, k2tog, k16, k2tog, k1
rnd 6: knit

**If necessary, add another decrease set:rnd 7: k1, k2tog, k14, k2tog, k2, k2tog, k14, k2tog, k1
rnd 8: knit

Repeat the same process for the Treble Clef chart (right hand), only when including the checkerboard pattern, start with the chart for 26 stitches and then work the checkerboard for the last 26 stitches.

Bass Clef Chart

Treble Clef Chart

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I saw your modifications on R and really like them. The original pattern is lovely but very busy, and your modifications make it very much more versatile.